How do you deal with gossip?

So what’s your take on gossip? Do you like gossip? Do you find it difficult to stand gossip mongers? Do you find any entertainment value in it? Or does it look like a waste of time?

I definitely feel against gossip!! And if you don’t feel the way I feel, absolutely no probs..

Is this how you feel? I surely do!!

Is this how you feel? I surely do!!

I find gossip a waste of time. It does add to entertainment value when its about celebs, but in other cases, I find it a total waste of time. Even for celebs, I guess we don’t have any right to categorize them based on their (rumored) actions, but that’s a price they are willing to pay for getting famous and well known..

Gossip- Its an act of being judgmental & I find it so very tough to be in the same room as 2 people talking about someone. I absolutely hate to contribute to the train of gossip..And I find it tough to leave the room as it may be perceived as rude. So I pretend I have something else that’s more important and I get away from that space..

But this isn’t possible at all times, isn’t it?

What’s your take on gossip? How do you deal with it?

5 thoughts on “How do you deal with gossip?

  1. Ugh, I agree!! I can’t stand gossip either! Having said that, every now and then I catch myself talking about someone else so I can’t talk either! But I would definitely much prefer to discuss ideas or events or something that might actually have a positive influence on the world.. It’s almost like gossip’s been programmed into us as humans though. If I catch myself or someone else gossiping, I generally change the subject. Works fine! 🙂
    Keep it up! x

  2. i actually ignore .. thatz the best way to deal with it .. it should affect you in anyway as you know urself the best .. And if someone else has problem to deal who you are .. then , of course its not ur problem . ur loved ones will never abandon u..

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