A life full of opportunities, building, and being smart

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I want to talk about this. I want to talk about this poignant acceptance speech by Ashton Kutcher flying around the Internet and Facebook. You have probably already seen it. I want to say a few things about his speech. Ashton is twice as old as many of the teens watching the Teen Choice Awards. He is also a midwest boy (Iowa) and went through a lot as a kid with his sick twin brother, his parents divorce, and the trouble he got in as a teenager. He is not just Hollywood fluff. He has lived.

I loved what he told teens in 2013. Teens that might be obsessed with those that have money and power. He did not talk about that. Not about all the glam, money, and fame that he has had in his life, but about working hard. That life does not just come to us, that…

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Are you swiping enough, your ‘Happiness Credit Card’?


A card from which you can benefit out of others’ happiness before it becomes yours?

‘Happiness’ can be such a lonely idea unless we share the emotion with others!! And when we share it, the belief is that it belongs to us?

Can we reverse this idea? What if we sought happiness in that of others? And allow their happiness to bring in joy into our lives??  

Just today I heard about one of my school friends getting married 🙂 And simply listening to her and sharing her joy kinda magnified it for me!!! I was high with this news & realised how we flow so happily in the happiness of others….It comes naturally to each one of us..

PROVIDED we are swiping – our Happiness Credit Card!!!

I swiped mine few hours back & am amazed the joy lasts this long n maybe longer!!!!
When did you swipe this…

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The value of ‘Human’ company…

Have you realized the value???


We are never alone these days. Smart phones have made sure that we feel self sufficient all the time.

Music – to make us feel good (or to phase out when we want to close ourselves from the rest of the world) , maps- to throw reliably unreliable information, whats-app/ sms to stay connected with people across the globe, you-tube to watch stuff and entertain ourselves, around me – to know of places around us..

Our phone is like our soul-mate!! And it makes sure, we can survive alone..

The technology that helps us get in touch with people on the other side of the planet also supports us to shut ourselves slowly and steadily, from people who are physically near us..

Have you tried using your phone for company when you’re having lunch alone? Or try buying a ticket for your phone to sit next to you while watching…

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