Are you swiping enough, your ‘Happiness Credit Card’?


A card from which you can benefit out of others’ happiness before it becomes yours?

‘Happiness’ can be such a lonely idea unless we share the emotion with others!! And when we share it, the belief is that it belongs to us?

Can we reverse this idea? What if we sought happiness in that of others? And allow their happiness to bring in joy into our lives??  

Just today I heard about one of my school friends getting married 🙂 And simply listening to her and sharing her joy kinda magnified it for me!!! I was high with this news & realised how we flow so happily in the happiness of others….It comes naturally to each one of us..

PROVIDED we are swiping – our Happiness Credit Card!!!

I swiped mine few hours back & am amazed the joy lasts this long n maybe longer!!!!
When did you swipe this…

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