Help me, help you : cuz I’m here to serve :)


How can you help me, in supporting n serving you…

~ By trusting me that  ‘I will maintain confidentiality at all times’

~ By trusting me that ‘I am not here to judge you’

~ By sharing with me all the blocks that pull you down

~ By sharing your joys and wins with me, however big or small

~ By sharing your beliefs and working on them

~ By believing in me because ‘I truly believe in you’

~ By respecting our time and commitments

~ By being honest and open

~ By being accountable and responsible for your choices and actions

If you are here, reading this : May be you would want to know ‘How I can help you‘ or ‘What do I gain when I’m Coaching YOU‘ or ‘Why should you always choose Paid Coaching


Coach Shraddha


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I’m here in your service :)

Allow me to Serve you 🙂


~ By listening to you: openly and clearly

~ By supporting you gain clarity and focus

~ By mirroring and echoing your words back to you

~ By not judging you, but rather simply listening to you

~ By supporting you choose your goals, the ones you truly want to pursue

~ By supporting you track your progress

~ By multiplying your joys for you, by simply being a part of them

~ By celebrating wins with you, however big or small

~ By supporting you, work towards fears and eliminate them

~ By supporting you take action

~ By moving forward with you

~ By supporting you achieve contentment and satisfaction

~ By supporting you take charge of your life rather than simply being a spectator

If you are here, reading this : May be you would want to know ‘How can you help me, in helping you

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What’s your headache saying out loud to you???

An observation we all need to make 🙂


Our sicknesses or aches or pains are not always what we think they are!!

Our bodies have been made with so much love and perfection that they are perfectly capable to take care of themselves, on AUTO PILOT!!!

I’ve observed, when I’m sick, just giving my body a good amount of rest is enough to get it back on track! That’s only if I allow it to – by not worrying about what’s wrong with it, why are the medicines not working or why is the pain not receding..bla blah blah

Our headaches, stomach upsets or back aches , pains are not what they appear to us..

Its our body’s umpteen attempts to communicate with us that something needs to be done or undone or let go..

When I’m worrying too much about anything or holding on to some thoughts/ opinions/ or something mean, my weight goes up!!

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