I am just another fellow human being sharing this amazing planet with you.

We all need a listening ear & so many times that’s just what makes us feel better. A single conversation has the potential to make one feel better, feel lighter, feel more empowered. Sometimes, its these simple conversations that become the turning points of our lives.

My name is Shraddha, now Aryaa, & I am willing & curious to listen to you!  To have – Just Conversations 🙂

Here’s a window to my life❤️

Shraddha Akshay


Everyone of us can make our world a better place by bringing joy & contentment into one’s life. And I’m curious & eager to know about your plans of doing so..

They say ‘Sharing is Caring’ so please share with me 🙂

I’m hoping to bump into many others as I move forward onto this exciting journey & hoping to have many many conversations!!

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