The value of ‘Human’ company…

Have you realized the value???


We are never alone these days. Smart phones have made sure that we feel self sufficient all the time.

Music – to make us feel good (or to phase out when we want to close ourselves from the rest of the world) , maps- to throw reliably unreliable information, whats-app/ sms to stay connected with people across the globe, you-tube to watch stuff and entertain ourselves, around me – to know of places around us..

Our phone is like our soul-mate!! And it makes sure, we can survive alone..

The technology that helps us get in touch with people on the other side of the planet also supports us to shut ourselves slowly and steadily, from people who are physically near us..

Have you tried using your phone for company when you’re having lunch alone? Or try buying a ticket for your phone to sit next to you while watching…

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How do you deal with gossip?

So what’s your take on gossip? Do you like gossip? Do you find it difficult to stand gossip mongers? Do you find any entertainment value in it? Or does it look like a waste of time?

I definitely feel against gossip!! And if you don’t feel the way I feel, absolutely no probs..

Is this how you feel? I surely do!!

Is this how you feel? I surely do!!

I find gossip a waste of time. It does add to entertainment value when its about celebs, but in other cases, I find it a total waste of time. Even for celebs, I guess we don’t have any right to categorize them based on their (rumored) actions, but that’s a price they are willing to pay for getting famous and well known..

Gossip- Its an act of being judgmental & I find it so very tough to be in the same room as 2 people talking about someone. I absolutely hate to contribute to the train of gossip..And I find it tough to leave the room as it may be perceived as rude. So I pretend I have something else that’s more important and I get away from that space..

But this isn’t possible at all times, isn’t it?

What’s your take on gossip? How do you deal with it?

Flowery Shutter Card

A super surprise – for all the creative souls 🙂 I stumbled upon this very beautiful blogsite yesterday!! Its so beautiful, that it inspired me to create a card for my lil friend who is gonna turn a year old soon 🙂 Hope u guys enjoy 🙂


After Andrew made me an expanding shutter card for Valentine’s Day, which he cut out by hand, we created a few shutter cards with my die-cutter as a sort of experiment. After that, I was waiting for the perfect opportunity to make a shutter card for somebody’s birthday. It happens that my cousin celebrated her birthday this past month, so I made her a card for her birthday.

Flower Shutter Card

You can view Andrew’s post, linked above, to see how such a card is made. It’s actually pretty straightforward. I had the die cutter cut out all of the pieces, then I used my bone folder to make the creases. I used the Old World Stack of paper to make this card, which I think has a subdued but colorful selection of paper.

Flowery Shutter Card

I used a dab of glue in the center of a little butterfly on the right hand side…

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Wanna play the word shower?

What's your take on this one?

What’s your take on this one?

This is my favorite wall paper!! And unlike the title, (it read ‘romantic wallpaper’) that was given by the creators, I have other words to describe this image…

This isn’t just an image for me!! Its like a slice of cake, I wish to eat sometime.

And the words I associate with this image are as follows:

Solitude, peace, lightness, love, bliss, present, gratitude, gift, connection, oneness…

Have you ever felt an immensely strong connection with an image, or a place, or some scene??

Would you wanna play the word shower with us? Simply share the image and the shower of words that come to you when you see the image..

This word shower will help you know yourself better too!! And what a beautiful chance for us, living in this beautiful world to connect -over a word shower 🙂

What do you think, when you’re sick?

I’ve been feeling ‘not-so-gr8’ last few days. Nothing terribly wrong cuz the word ‘sick’ can mean so many things!!

Which thoughts would you choose??

Which thoughts would you choose??

I’ve been feeling weak, my throat’s been really bad, my nose has been running all the time & the non stop coughing has made my tummy muscles really tired – that’s about it!!

And the first thing I do, when I’m not so gr8, is I take rest!! I’ve observed that when I rest, my body can handle the stuff in many ways -better!! But I’ve also observed, that when I rest, my mind really tells me, how sick I am..How tired I’m feeling, blah blah blah..

Just when I started to feel sorry for my-poor sick self, I remembered one of our family friends!! It’s mean if I classify him as ‘one of our family friends’, just because he isn’t related to me..

I’m talking @my Uncle, who I feel a strong connection with (he is just as close to me as my dad)..So my Uncle is suffering from Cancer!! His wife, my sweet aunt, always tells me, how he is all the time POSITIVE & how he is always like this huge wall of will power..

Today, I spoke to him!! And seems like he feels tired more often, sleeps more (else however critical his condition would be, he was always energetic to watch some cricket on tv)

How I wish, I could send him all the energy he needs..

Its crazy!! We can feel so weak for ourselves but how strong we feel, when it comes to our loved ones..

Sending your loved one, some healing energy really sounds like something I’m gonna do ;(

What kinda thoughts do you choose, when you’re sick?

A barrier- breaking conversation!! Have you had one anytime?

An encounter with someone really new n different, may be with someone from another geography or culture, and you managed to create an instantaneous, positive and cool connection? – Happened anytime??

Such connections happen!!

They leave you amazed cuz you just had an amazing conversation with someone from another country, staying hundreds of thousands of miles apart, and you bond with the person inspite of them being from a different culture -some weird kinda ice breaking happens there & tada- you are instantly connected with this someone..

I’m not talking of romantic link ups that happen in movies!! I’m talking of some serious ‘barrier-breaking’ with people much older or younger or different than you!!

Have you experienced one lately?

Have you experienced one lately?

On wordpress (or other blog media) , such ice-breaking happens regularly, where you can peek into a fellow blogger’s world and get connected 🙂 Awesome na!!

These interactions just magnify the oneness in this beautiful world!! We all are similar in so many ways inspite of being different too 🙂

Such oneness is often experienced during natural calamities that rock one part of our earth & globally everyone feels the grief and pain!!

Similar oneness can be felt in such ‘barrier- breaking’ conversations!! Have you ever had one?

Am so very eager to hear 🙂

What’s your favorite RAOK?

Wondering what’s RAOK?

Well, we do them so many times simply without knowing that they are called RAOK which is nothing but a Random Act of Kindness towards someone!!

There are many RAOK projects online & I’m not asking about ‘to how many of these projects have you sent donations??’No way!! Donating money is just one way..

We can offer our kindness in so many ways like simply saying hello to someone, who isn’t really used to being greeted with ‘hellos’. We can offer someone a listening ear, we can ask someone how they feel, we can send someone a heart felt beautiful wish, we can share our new/used stuff with people who aren’t so privileged….Looong list

My fav RAOK is asking the various cab drivers about their families & listening to their stories. Most of the cab drivers in Mumbai are either from other states like UP, Bihar, Kolkata..

What's your fav RAOK??

What’s your fav RAOK??

Simply sharing their story, telling me about how their children fare at work/ school, how different they feel when they are at home, etc makes their day & mine too. And finally when they reach me to my destination, I always thank them and wish them “May you have ‘gr8 business’ days, serving many other beautiful people”

What’s your favorite RAOK??

What moved you?

Movies, advertisements, songs, musicians, music, art, literature ……..

Long list of stuff that inspires us. We don’t really observe, but all these small things do impact our lives- In many ways..

When was the last time, you were really moved into doing something nice or different? What was it that moved you?

A movie that made you realize something? Or a song that touched your soul in different ways?

Or a Tennis game?

Last year, Wimbledon 2012 finals – I was moved into realizing, sometimes by not getting what one wants, the person gets closer to it… I cried looking at Andy Murray, he was so devastated, unable to control himself, unable to accept his defeat at Wimbledon. That event changed Andy’s life forever I guess & also changed mine 🙂

I wanna share too


Did you experience anything of this sort? Would you want to share your experience?

Jumpstart into ‘Just Conversations’ cuz conversations add more to life 🙂